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Most homeowners don’t think about how important their boiler is until something goes wrong. Then they kick themselves for skipping out on the regular maintenance visits that could have caught the problem before it knocked the boiler out.

But even with regular service visits, sometimes a piece of engineering like your condensing or gas boiler hits an unforeseeable wall and needs a quick repair.

Whether it’s 1 a.m. or 1 p.m., call Whitfield ClimateCare and we’ll have your boiler back up and running in no time.

How Can You Be Sure Something Is Wrong?

Because a working boiler is rarely noticed, a broken or malfunctioning boiler will be readily noticed. If your boiler is:

  • Making strange gurgling, whistling or banging sounds
  • Leaking or producing condensation on the outside
  • Losing pressure
  • Not aligning with thermostat temperatures
  • Producing insufficient water or heat
  • Extinguishing the pilot light on a regular basis

Call Whitfield ClimateCare and you can be confident your boiler repair gets done right the first time.

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Save 20% On Boiler Repairs!

Most boilers can last many years, but in that time frame, it’s almost guaranteed some sort of repairs will be needed. Regular boiler maintenance will go a long way to preventing the need for repairs. As an added bonus, WeCare Maintenance Plan members receive a 20% discount on any repairs when and if the need arises.

Why Choose ClimateCare?

  1. ClimateCare members are trained to repair every boiler make and model, and update their training when new technologies enter the market
  2. ClimateCare members are local business owners.  Although they’re members of the largest heating and cooling cooperative in Ontario, they work only on a local level
  3. Straightforward pricing, because cost is almost always the first thing our customers want to know
  4. Every ClimateCare member follows strict quality standards outlined by the ClimateCare cooperative. This means you’re getting the most up-to-date technical knowledge and superb customer service practices

Contact Whitfield ClimateCare for boiler repairs today and see why we’re the most trusted name in residential HVAC service in Ontario.

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