Heat pumps circulate air throughout your home to maintain your desired temperature with more efficiency and at a lower cost than air conditioners and heaters. In the summer, they pump heat out of the home. In the winter, they draw heat from outside and bring it in.

They can still heat a home effectively even during the extreme cold. And with propane fuel, these amazing appliances just make sense for Bancroft and the surrounding area homeowners.

How Heat Pumps Work

The main benefit of heat pumps is that they provide the functionality of an air conditioner and a heater in one product.

Simply put, even when it is cold outdoors, there is still heat outside. A heat pump extracts that heat to transfer it indoors, to create even heating throughout the home. When it is hot outside, the heat pump reverses directions and pushes warm air outside to remove it from the home.

In order to reach their optimal economic efficiency, heat pumps are best used together with your central furnace. However, they will reduce the burden on your furnace, and replace your air conditioner altogether.

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As ClimateCare members, our contractors understand that each of our customers has unique needs for their homes. Proper cooling and heating are necessary for you to feel comfortable in your home.

Whether you are introducing a heat pump to your home for the first time, are in need of repairs, or are interested in an upgrade, we’ve got you covered.

Each of our ClimateCare members must:

  • Possess the necessary licences and certifications
  • Undergoes consistent training in order to provide you with the best possible service
  • Pass a rigorous screening process
  • Participate in continuous and frequent training
  • Be committed to building trustworthy relationships with customers
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