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Affordable Furnace Installation & Replacement in Bancroft

Don’t let the need for a furnace replacement ruin your day. Whitfield ClimateCare makes Bancroft, ON furnace installation easy, with affordable programs and high-end installations. Call us to learn more about your options.

Keeping the temperatures inside your home comfortable should always be a top priority. Unfortunately, your furnace has a lifespan, like most of the appliances in your home. When that lifespan is reaching its end, you’ll start to notice repair issues cropping up more than ever. Before long you may find yourself stuck between choosing to pay for repairs or a replacement unit. Paying for a new furnace outright can be a major investment that may worry most homeowners. Luckily, there is a more affordable alternative that’s becoming the top choice for many homeowners in Bancroft, ON.

CLARITY by ClimateCare furnace installation is a convenient way to upgrade your home’s heating system without paying everything up front. In addition to affordable monthly payments, your unit also includes a 12-year warranty that covers repairs and maintenance, an unprecedented benefit that gives you peace of mind in your home.

Choosing CLARITY for Your Home

Investing in a new furnace for your home has never been more beneficial than with the CLARITY by ClimateCare program. Not only will you enjoy comfortable and consistent temperatures, but also you’ll get top perks, including:
Affordable Ownership Your monthly ownership investment could be less than the cost of renting.
No Surprises Your subscription covers the cost of equipment and installation and includes 12 years of parts, labour and service.
Top of the Line Products Gain peace of mind knowing your furnace will work efficiently for years to come
Satisfaction Guarantee If you aren’t 100% satisfied, we will work with you to resolve the issue. We guarantee it.
Routine Maintenance Enjoy regularly scheduled maintenance visits by local HVAC experts. That equals peace of mind for you!
Local Experts When you choose CLARITY, you work with a local contractor you can trust to deliver quality service every time.

Improved Energy Performance Means

Big Savings for You
With a CLARITY by ClimateCare furnace installation, you’re not only getting a new furnace, but you’re getting a system that’s rated for improved energy performance. These high-quality systems reduce noise, add savings to your energy costs, and give you plenty of other perks like:
  • ENERGY STAR® certified systems cut down on excess energy consumption without lowering functionality
  • Up to 96.0% AFUE rating saves you money and energy
  • Maximum efficiency ECM blower delivers consistent and powerful airflow
  • Insulated blower reduces noise and won’t deteriorate over time
  • All installations include a top-quality smart thermostat for the best control

    We also offer water heater installation service, ensuring every aspect of your home is running in top shape!

    Local Heating Experts

    For over 65 years, our heating experts at Whitfield ClimateCare have been offering customers the very best furnace solutions. We guarantee your satisfaction and only install the best-in-class furnaces around. Other perks include:
    Top-Quality Systems
    Our furnaces are rated for energy performance, increasing functionality while reducing cost.
    Personalized Solutions
    We take the time to learn about your home and needs to provide custom heating solutions.
    Reliable Warranty
    Invest with confidence in your new furnace. These systems are backed by 12-year parts and labour warranty.
    Whitfield ClimateCare is your resident CLARITY by ClimateCare team. Contact us and enjoy personalized furnace installation services that won’t break the bank.
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